Little Eden Border Collies

We have lived with border collies for over 27 years - we have a genuine love for borders, their loyalty, intelligence, beauty, gracefulness and heart to please are second to none. We now have a small Border family, and occasionally bred our dogs, striving for the best form and nature: colour is an added bonus.

We don't have a kennel as such, our dogs have freedom on our 100 acre property, and we work from home, so our dogs get all the social interaction they desire, enabling calm for-filled borders that are pleasure to own.

We trust that if you are interested in Border Collies that your life will be blessed with such and addition - we are always available to help with advice and give all our new border owners early care information to prepare for a new baby. We encourage puppy pre-school and then onto additional training to ( this is not just for your new pup but you also) help your highly intelligent puppy grow into an obedient pup that has excellent communication skills with you and vice versa.

The above photo is of Coco and Bella - our foundation dogs. Both beautiful nature dogs with  lovely structure and form.